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6-6.5FT Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress Umbrauto

6-6.5FT Mid Size Truck Bed Air Mattress Umbrauto

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6-6.5ft Mid-Size Truck Mattress Size Chart

Model Type Mid-size short bed Model Year Applicable
Chevrolet Colorado 6 .1 ft 2004-Present Yes
Chevrolet S10  6  ft 1982-2004 Yes
Dodge Dakota  6.5 ft 1986-Present Yes
Ford Ranger 6 ft 1983 -Present Yes
GMC Canyon 6 .1 ft 2004-Present Yes
GMC Sonoma 6 ft 1982-2004 Yes
Isuzu i280 /i290  6 ft 2004-2008 Yes
Isuzu Hombre  6 ft 1996 -2004 Yes
Mazda B Serles 6 ft 1994-Present Yes
Mitsubishi Raider 6.6 ft 2006-2008 Yes
Nissan Frontier  6 ft 1998-Present Yes
Toyota Mid Size  6-6.3 ft 1989-1995 Yes
Toyota Tacoma  6 ft 1995-Present Yes


Notice:  This air mattress is only suitable for 6'-6.5', please measure your truck size carefully before buying.

Thicker Oxford Fabric:  ensuring exceptional comfort and long-lasting performance. Whether on long road trips or camping adventures, this air mattress is designed to accompany you and provide the ultimate resting experience

Unique Wave Design: Our mattress features a unique wave design that conforms to the ergonomic contours of your body, offering unparalleled comfort for lounging and sleeping. 

600 lbs Weight Capacity: With a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs, this air mattress comfortably accommodates 2-3 adults, allowing you and your companions to rest and relax during your journey. 

Versatile Applications: In addition to truck use, this air mattress is suitable for various settings such as guest rooms, hotels, tents, campsites, etc.

Spiral Valve: Unlike traditional valves, our truck bed mattress is equipped with a black spiral valve that ensures superior airtightness and a secure seal.

12V Air Pump: Equipped with a 12v electric air pumpÔľĆ In just 5 minutes, you can effortlessly inflate or deflate the mattress, saving you time and effort.

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 30 Days Return
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Cozy Pillow

Each package comes with two complimentary pillows, ensuring you get a more comfortable night's sleep under the stars.

Waterproof Fabric

Designed with state-of-the-art technology, this fabric effortlessly repels liquids, making it a breeze to rinse off spills, stains, dirt, pet hair, and more.

Fast Inflate Pump

12V quick inflation pump, with 3-layer adjustable inflation valve cover, makes setup more easier.

Small Size

Small in size, it takes up only a small space and can be placed in the car or under the seat at any time

Durable Materials

To enhance performance and longevity in cold conditions, we've infused our durable PVC ripstop fabric with a cold-weather agent. This keeps the material soft and flexible down to -16 degrees, minimizing the risk of micro-fractures and leaks. And it can be guaranteed that pine needles, stones, and animal claws...... cannot tear it apart.

Rotate covers

3-layer rotating inflatable valve cover, better sealing and stronger ability to hold air


We tailor mattress specs to specific vehicles to maximize compatibility and comfort and minimize wasted space. This particular mattress is purpose-built for mid-size short-bed trucks, ensuring you’ll have a perfect fit and a better night’s sleep.

Air Mattress Couple

Pairing an Umbrauto airbed with a truck tent transforms your outdoor setup into a cozy haven that feels just like home. This combination offers unparalleled comfort and convenience, making it the perfect choice for travelers seeking a touch of familiarity and warmth in the great outdoors.

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Anna Johnson

Highly Recommend

Laura Wilson

Amazing Comfort

Shawn F.
Perfect for my Need.

A much-needed item for me.

Good value, good product

Haven't camped yet but did inflate it. Easy to do, very comfy.

Christina Cataldo
A good purchase

Fits the truck really well. Will recommend