Umbrauto New Travel Trailer

Umbrauto New Travel Trailer

Umbrauto Travel Trailer RV Cover, Upgraded Cooling Top Panel Camper Cover Waterproof Anti-UV Durable Toy Hauler Cover RV with Tongue Jack Cover, Extra Windproof Ropes,Gutter Covers

Fits 14-16ft or 16-18ft or 18-20ft or 20-22ft or 27-30ft or 30-33ft

UPGRADED COOLING TOP COVER : Umbrauto team develops new upgraded Eco-Friend cooling material, take the fear of heat out of your RV. In addition to the basic functions of wind resistance, rain prevention and insect prevention, the cooling rv cover has excellent radiation refrigeration and UV barrier functions. They have greater tear resistance, water resistance and aging resistance than the non-woven rv cover fabrics on the market.

real reviews:First time covering our 32' 6" travel trailer (36' bumper to hitch). We have 3 large skylight covers and a large antenna, plus the AC unit on top our our tt. So, we went with the 33-35' cover to give us some room for install. Our tt also has the rounded front, so it is not a perfect rectangle. The cover was just slightly big, but we are glad we went bigger!!
The material has weight to it, and seems like a good quality. No rips or tears! We bubble wrapped any possible sharp edge on our TT before install. There was a label on the inside, so you know which side is the front. Might seem silly but when you are unfolding a 35ft cover, you get lost in all that material!! There are plenty of mesh vents for airflow, along with side zippers for easy access to the trailer doors. Once all the adjustable straps were tightened the cover fit perfectly, height was not an issue. I would recommend this cover for the price ($265.99)!! We will see how it lasts during the harsh New England winter.

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